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Summer: Lighting Obsession

Summer is here! Sunshine = light = Our new obsession!!

by Monica Arellano

Whether natural or artificial, it is incredible how light affects all life on our planet. It affects not only the look, feel and mood of a particular space but it is proven to affect even our health. Crazy enough (and going a little off track) some cities in the US have had to change and some are in the process of changing LED street lighting because of its negative health effects.

But going back to the point… Given our new lighting obsession, we wanted to share some stunning lighting fixtures we found to inspire you for your next remodeling, decorating or interior design project. From pendants and chandeliers to sconces and table lamps enjoy our selection of pieces that will turn heads.

SECRET: We are not supposed to say this yet, but stay tuned for news on our new RedNoir lighting collection coming soon!!!


Droplet Bronze by Patrick Townsend




Lure Sconce by Pelle



Mercur by Preciosa



Bold Sconce by Hollis+Morris



Mobile Chandelier 6 by Michael Anastassiades

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 12.38.23 PM


Janis by Delightfull




Melt Table lamp by Tom Dixon



Bob Lamp by Talbot & Yoon



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