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Making Spring Cleaning Sensible & Sensational

by Carley Armentrout


With winter winding down, everyone knows it is time to prepare for the warmer weather. Not only does your wardrobe need to shed its bulky, dark attire, but so does your home décor.

Give your home a facelift in preparation for the light, airy season of spring.Sometimes, redecorating can sound expensive. Just by adding a few new pieces to lighten the room can make your home ready for spring.

This season, our colors are pastel pink and blue which are great for lightening up any room. Fortunately, they blend well with natural, earthy tones which are great for the Spring! They also pair well with neutral greys, tans, and whites.

To begin redecorating, it is important that you find a piece that can create a guideline for the rest of the room. Redecorating for spring just requires a new color pallet, which can be easier than it sounds.

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Image: Elle Decor


Wall Décor

First, let’s introduce ideas to enhance feature walls. By using complimentary colors with a bold piece on neutral walls can go a long way and give the room a new look. Adding lighter tones like white and pastels create a sense of openness in your rooms. Even using mirrors can add more depth to a space.

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Image: Charles Cameron


Furniture Decor

Buying new furniture can seem way out of budget, but just by adding a new throws or pillows can dramatically change the look.

A new blanket to lay across the arm rest or the back of the couch can make your home feel cozy, yet not too confined.

Additionally, pillows that are various shapes can add life to any couch or chair. Maintaining a balanced look is key. Having too many pillows can make the couch seem busy, but there are exceptions.

Solid colors are great in quantity. When using patterns, they are better when offset with simpler pieces. Be sure the colors of the pillows go well together—having one dark element paired with lighter elements can bring light into the room. Color, pattern, and texture both are great for creating a new feel as well.

Dress the couch as if dressing yourself! Keep it stylish, yet not overpowering.

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Images: The Little Design Corner // The Colorologist



Although rugs can sometimes go unnoticed, it is important that they are not forgotten. A nice rug can pull the entire room together and can create a statement for your guests. A great rug should be able to tie the wall décor and furniture together.

Earthy colors tend to pair well with a pop of color like vibrant hues (yellows, blues, reds, and greens). Pattern usually pairs well with simplicity and vice versa.

When a rug is busy, it can also be used as a guide for the rest of the room, much like wall décor. It can become the statement piece and not overpower the room.

Pull out the main colors in that pattern to help decide how to decorate the rest of the interior. Various patterns and texture can also create a completely new atmosphere for any room needing uplifting.

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Images: Norske Interior Blogger / Cuckoo4Design


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