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Feel like there is too much of the same home decor everywhere? Sometimes we do too (oops- guilty! that’s actually the reason of our RN existence). Don’t settle for the ordinary. Make a statement by just adding a few touches of unique accents to your space and… voilà. We found some fairly priced wall décor and table accessories that will absolutely quirk-up your home. Always remember, even the smallest details can make the difference!


A.  Piggy bank – Coolest piggy bank ever. You can find on sale at It syncs with your phone with an app, lets you know your balance and allows you to set goals. Oh Wait! It also lets you know if it is moved to another place. This sounds like fun so we went ahead and bought one for the office. We will share photos when it arrives!!!

B.  Monkey accent – They also have it in hot pink and gold colors at

C.  Key holder – Aren’t you tired of loosing your keys? A problem no more. These cute key holders will be just as cool on your wall as the fact that you’ll never have to go crazy looking for your keys! Find them at

D.  Candle holder – This eye-catching accent works indoors and outdoors. Find this at

E.  Robot accent – This is part of a collection so you can also get the skull, the gnome and the duck.

F.  Rhino head – This wall mount is color customizable and is just one of the many animal inspired designs. As it’s faux taxidermy, no animals are harmed in the making. {internal applause} You can find these at


by Monica Arellano


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