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Picks of the Week: Fifty Shades of Great Design

Luxury can come in many shades and curiously not always does it go hand in had with great design. We couldn’t pick a better time to share with you our favorite high-end furniture stores that will surely not disappoint even the pickiest of clients. With their unique and creatively intricate take on design and their masterfully delicate and luxurious finishes, they very deservedly ended up being featured at one of the most globally anticipated films of the year, Fifty Shades of Grey.


A.  Oblong Cabinet – You can find this limited edition beautifully crafted cabinet at Boca do Lobo and although it was not featured on the film, they were commissioned to design and create furniture for the set we.

B.  Hypnotic Chandelier – Sleek and elegant design by Koket with a graceful pattern of cut polished brass to compliment the black glass. You can find it in blue, green, orange and red as well. This piece appears on the set design of Fifty Shades of Grey.

C.  Eanda Dining Chair – Also featured on the film, it gives wealth to a room with its delicate structure and satin cotton softness. You can find this piece at Brabbu.

D.  Burlesque Console – Inspired by the world of French cabaret this piece features acrobatic polished brass, exotic black skins and touches of black crystals on each drawer – You can find this at Koket and yes, this was featured on the film.

E.  Sequoia Center Table – by Brabbu, this piece represents the force of nature featuring the passage of years shown through the different veneer on the table top enriched by the texture of brass bark.

F.  Ike Floor Lamp – This rhythmic, clean lined and reduced shape composition embodies modern elegance. Also featured on the acclaimed film and you can find it at Delighfull


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