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Picks of the Week: Wallpaper & Wall Panels

“Something is missing on that wall but I can’t figure out what I want.” Does this sound familiar? Most times we get caught up with our work, laundry, cleaning, exercise, TV shows, happy hours and endless things that end up being more important at the moment than fixing up your place. It’s easy to think that in order to have a bad ass designer-looking space is hard to achieve on your own so this time around we have gathered a few wall coverings that will absolutely give your space a magazine worthy look.

by Monica Arellano

A.  Wallpaper – The biblioteca collection comes on other designs and colors and they all feature old book pages with underlinings, highlights and notes from books that the designer has read. Find this at NLXL.


B.  Wall panel – Have fun with these three-dimensional panels. Go ahead and paint them any color you want and see how not necessarily you have to cover the entire wall, but you can also frame it to add an extra lavishness. Find this at Overstock.


C.  Wall panel – Braille inspired and made with recycled materials, these panels will create a dramatic contemporary setting. Play with spotlights to give it an even more fabulous look. Find this at Uncommon Goods.


D.  Wallpaper  – Need a little bit of warmth in your room? Check out the entire scrapwood collection from designer Piet Hein Eek. Find this at NLXL.


E.  WallPaper – This Tosca Drifte Indigo is just one of the many wall paper designs that will blow your mind. They can custom make design element sizes, colors and even materials. Find this at Edge Collections


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