Our Story


Our love story sparked our business story

It all started with a business meeting that had nothing to do with design. It was the day that Founders Monica Arellano and Richard Milstein met. They were both at a Recording Academy (GRAMMY) networking event when they were both introduced to each other and from that day on, the partnership of a lifetime would start. Both discovered they had strong inclination towards cutting edge, modern, unique and extravagant design. To make the story short, one peculiar day, it was time to buy an area rug for their living room and that is when the imagination never collided with reality. It was that imagined colorful, abstract and fun idea of a rug that was never found that sparked the idea of Rednoir. So… they decided to start up the home décor boutique focusing not only on the art, but the craftsmanship behind their products. Their vision is clearly to contribute, with their unique perspective, to the freedom of space expression both for commercial and residential purposes.