Our Story

Our Story


 Our company, Rednoir, was founded in 2013. We started out as a home décor company specializing in edgy, colorful and playful hand-made rugs and home accessories that transformed traditional spaces.

We pride ourselves in being hands-on in every aspect of our decor production. Our materials are carefully hand-picked by our designers to satisfy our high quality standards. We then have in place strict quality control guidelines to ensure our products are catalogued no less than superb. Our work can be found in Miami, Houston, NYC, London, Madrid, South Korea, Venezuela and more.

Individuality, curiosity and exploration of the unusual, earned our brand the attention of the design community and led to the expansion of our residential interior design and styling and more recently commercial spaces. We like to think of our designs as a way to help those who resist category find a voice of their own to tell their story.



Our creative engines kept moving and with a growth in requests for event design, Rednoir’s lead designers and co-founders Monica Arellano and Richard Milstein soon found themselves involved yet in another project.  We began conceptualizing and creating set designs and VIP experiences for events, music festivals, concerts and special events. We have had the honor of working with clientele that has included events such as Ultra Music Festival, the GRAMMYs, WMC, Pegasus World Cup, Coachella, DesertTrip designing suites for none other than The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, The Who, Roger Waters, Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

As event design production grew, our rental division was born. We are ever expanding our unique boutique rental collection. Whether you need fabulous furniture to complete your own very special event or help creating a one-of-a-kind experience, we are here to make it happen!


“We live and breathe design…”

Meet our team

  • Richard Milstein


    Since 1999 I live and breathe design and I'm always looking for the next challenge. My graphic and production design company, Skylab Industry leaves no room for downtime with clients as Ultra Music Festival, FFD, Nike and Heineken amongst others. The undertaking of Rednoir is yet another outlet for my inspirations.
  • Monica Arellano

    Principal/Head Designer

    Monica Arellano’s experience covers product design to large scale event design. With over a decade of experience in the entertainment scene her portfolio boasts design work on various high profile events  such as the GRAMMYs, Ultra Music Festival, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, The Who and many more.

    As interior and product designer, her portfolio includes high profile clients and sports celebrities. Her work has been featured in London’s 100% Design, London Design Festival, Design on a Dime and her work has been published in the top 5 on NY Fashion Times.

  • Alejandra Pozo

    Project Manager

    My strength comes from 10 years of an HR professional that specialized in Organizational Development and Strategic Planning for international companies such as Pfizer, Coca Cola and Fiat Chrysler Automobile. Being part of Rednoir has been an explosion of creativity, colors and emotions that has expanded my repertoire. As I continue to explore the creative aspect of the interior design and production world while being part of the structural development and growth of the company, I feel excited to have reinvented my self!
  • Lulu

    Quality Control Master

    I am honored to be part of Rednoir's quality control process for textiles. I am a bit obsessed with soft and fine materials which have to be perfectly crafted to live up to Renoir's concept. I will accept nothing less!
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