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Many of us now find ourselves working from home due to COVID-19 social distancing and precautions and are struggling to find a comfortable place to get through our work day. 

Some of us may not have a workspace set up are home or maybe already have a home office/work desk but now it’s more than one in the household who needs to work from home so how do we deal with this?

Here are some quick home office tips and ideas to help get you through your work day and upend your productivity by separating your home from your work life all in the same space. Warning: If you have kids, these tips may only help so much on the productivity end during lock down (hahahha).

  1. Use your existing dining table:

We know this sounds obvious, but it never fully feels like an office because you are used to its purpose being dining table. 

  • Remove all but one chair from the set and use this as an office chair. 
  • To create the illusion of a standard size desk, reduce the overall width and depth by using office organizers and decorative pieces to section off and cover up the back portion of the table with paper holders, filing pieces, lamps, potted plants or other desk organizers (see links to great finds below).
  • Keep the monitor or laptop 30 inches behind the front of the table. These layout techniques create a visual break, making the table look more like a desk and less like a dining room piece.

2. Use your existing console table (if the size/design allows):

If you have a console that is open at the bottom, you are one step closer to making this work. The second factor to take into consideration is height. Some consoles vary in height so make sure your chair fits correctly or if you have an adjustable height chair even better!

  • Place the table near an electrical outlet. Since console tables often fit perfectly just beneath a window, however given its small footprint, you can really work it in just about anywhere.
  • Due to the lack of workspace, using a few key desktop organizing pieces on the console table allows you to keep necessary supplies nearby without cluttering the top of the new desk. Use organizers that have space upwards to maximize the desk surface. 
  • For lighting, choose a narrow-based lamp with a moveable head so you can focus the light where needed. 

3. Buy a budget conscious but chic small desk you can easily fit against a wall:

  • if you place your desk agains the table, make sure you have wall art or something in front of you to create a more cozy and pleasant environment for yourself.
  • A small plant always does the trick.
  • We usually rely on house lighting but a desk lamp is important as we not always get enough lighting at home as we do in our office. Plus it makes your work desk look more complete.
  • Desk organizes are the final touch and we have some suggestions below!

Check out these great finds under $100 

Last but not least, for those who already had a desk and even those who are just setting up their space we have we have found some cool office gadgets we want to share with you!

…. And for those of you wanting to use a little Feng Shui check out the positioning of things below.

We hope this was helpful and keep tuned for more design tips!


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