More than just furniture rental

Our event rental division is dedicated to designing and furnishing VIP experiences and providing photo-shoot and film props in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area. Our goal is to create one-of-a-kind spaces that will take your event or production to the next level. Our eclectic selection of furniture and props is no cookie cutter and we constantly add to our collection as we like to include new items in each new project so we can keep our designs fresh and unique.

What separates us from the rest? Our approach is completely personalized to each of our client’s needs. Besides our boutique furniture rental, we handle custom production including: printing, graphic design, custom made furniture and structures, retrofitted containers and there is actually no limits for us when it comes to designing our client’s event spaces, flow, and VIP experiences. We love being the one-stop-shop for our clients.


Services & Capabilities

Furniture Rental:

We will help you pick the right pieces for your overall event/production design. We are not limited to what you see on our website, we often buy new pieces for each project and we also source if necessary from third parties saving you the hassle of dealing with several companies at no additional cost. We will also provide a floor layout if you send us a floor plan of the space.

Custom Made:

We have the capability of creating custom made furniture and/or structures with your own design or designed by us specifically for your event (on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us with your ideas for further discussion).

Retrofitted Shipping Containers:

Because of our partnership with Arca Build, we are able to provide you with discounted rates of all the different types of retrofitted shipping containers they offer. These can also be customized to client’s needs. If customization is needed, please allow a few weeks of time for the modifications.


Stage/Lighting Design:

For larger scale event productions such as concerts and music festivals, we provide stage/lighting design.


With our trusted partners we can provide the best quality flyers, posters, banners, wallpaper, fine art, and more..



Graphic Design:

Let our incredibly talented graphic designers create anything from your event logo to promotional content for flyers, banners, posters and more…


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