Designing for Ultra Music Festival


Designing for Ultra Music Festival 2018

ultra music festival behind the scenes
It’s a wrap for us and boy did we have fun designing for the largest worldwide music festival! Ultra Worldwide has 25 locations around the globe from Miami, Fl to Melbourne, Australia and their team continues to organically expand into new markets.
Ultra Music Festival 2018 in Miami made history this year! The mega 3-day-festival drew in over 165,000 people each day in Miami going all out to celebrate their 20th anniversary.
For starters, all the festival stages were designed by none other than our co-founder, Richard Milstein, who is also the Creative Director and Production designer for Ultra. We are so proud to have his talents and bias though we may be, we are not to be the only admirers of his incredible designs.  In a special interview here with the Miami Times, he was named the “mastermind” behind Ultra’s Stage Design.
Besides the incredible stages, flashing lights, music, art and amazing vibes around the festival, there is also something to be said about VIP experiences and designs, artist rooms and live broadcast studio, which is where Rednoir comes into play.
Monica Arellano, the other half of Rednoir, began her design process deciding that each of the 11 VIP areas she was to create, would have to be completely different from each other; each area having its own independent style.
We have to admit that our favorite area, located at the Resistance Spider VIP lounge, took the VIP experience details to the next level.
Behind-The-Scenes-Ultra-2018-Miami-Furniture-Rental-Artists Lounge- Resistance
While the audience was enjoying the performances, backstage the Resistance artists were getting a surprise of their own. As they ordered drinks, they slowly realized that the Renaissance portraits in gold-vintage frames adorning the walls behind the bar, were in fact of themselves.
The walls were composed of over 30 portraits with the artists’ faces seamlessly edited so it was hard to tell they were not real paintings.
The rest of the area had steampunk elements mixed with victorian and industrial styles to create a suiting eclectic vibe in accordance with Ultra’s Resistance brand.
Behind-The-Scenes-Ultra-2018-Miami-Furniture-Rental-Resistance-VIP room
We had so much fun watching the artists do a double take and in more exciting news, because of the massive success of this art installation, we will now be auctioning off these portraits for a charity (TBD). Stay tuned for more on this!
We are thrilled and honored to be part of this incredible event and to have worked with so many talented people who make it all happen. Until next time Ultra!!!



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