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Bookshelves: Do they really just shelve books?!

by Stephannie Benhamu.

A.   Moroccan Tiles Bookshelf: Younes Duret Design

This inspired bookshelf is a physical manifestation of the tile pattern one would see in a traditional Moroccan mosaic. In fact, the piece is a three dimensional mosaic in itself, an interactive work. Because of its modular nature, one can partake in the design aspect while deciding how, where, and in which capacity it can hang. Not just a shelving unit, a work of art.

B.   DIY: Billy Bookcase: Ikea via Appartment Therapy

What kind of blogger would you be if you didn’t include a DIY project once in a blue moon? This is my hybrid version. The Billy is available at Ikea, but you can also take it upon yourself to cover any pedestrian bookshelf and infuse it with new life. Simply choose a wallcovering, or two, or five for that matter and go to town. Not only can it be completely customized to your taste, but the best part is that it can roll with the times.

C.   Industrial Bookshelf: Stellabluedesigns via Livbit

Piping anyone?! Why, yes, thank you. This raw, rough display of masculinity is beautifully off-set by the delicate nature of the filaments in the Edison bulbs attached to it. Offering up several versions, the multitude of forms any of these pipes could take has endless possibilities and potential.  When it comes to this dark piece of machinery, the choice is yours.

D.   ANONYMOUS: Low Console: Divaani Blogit

Any which way, a low console under a window will work, especially if neutral tones are the palette of the day. Choose books or mags with a neutral toned spine as well. Adding in some pieces with a splash of color is a splendid idea as well. The low to the ground depiction allow any explorer of the reading material to simple have a seat on the floor and begin to discover. Either way, understated elegance is the result of this dynamic combination.

E.   Floor to Ceiling Shelves via Lushome

Black walls? Black bookshelf! Absolutely! As if floor to ceiling shelving wasn’t enough, add on the disappearing, mysterious, and organizational factors, and you’ve got yourself a grand slam. As a huge fan of negative space, this “black” canvas allows for free reign in the placement of objects. Whether they be books, sculptural pieces, cameras, or any other knick knacks, the individual creative flow is facilitated by the library-esque setting this piece provokes.

F.   Hash Bookshelf: Max Voyentko for Line Studio

Also modular in nature, the different segments can come together to create whatever the purchaser/designer would like. The threatening, violent diagonals can house some of the most vulnerable literature and works of history engaging any viewer, taunting and seducing them through this clever juxtaposition. It is truly a cage-like wonder. The question is, are we trying to keep things in or keep things out?

E.   Batman Bookshelf: FictionFurniture via Design Milk

How can you say no to Batman? The answer is, you can’t! This modern and sleek enclosed shelf comes in two adaptations: Classic Batman and The Dark Night. Both worthy of the iconic bat-shaped wings. A sophisticated touch of play to a myriad of spaces.


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