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Halloween: Black and Orange

by Monica Arellano


Isn’t it funny how Black and Orange became such a Halloween symbol that we often just don’t use that combination because of its association? Have you ever been afraid of mixing those colors because you think it will become a true Halloween horror? A dilemma that I’m sure many of us have faced.

Creating an interior space mixing the two had never crossed my mind because of that specific reason but with Halloween approaching, curiosity poked me.

It turns out that it is possible to create beautiful spaces using black and orange but it is all about proportions and balance. It is no easy task. If you try to mix the hues in equal or almost equal parts, then you will most likely end up with a Halloween nightmare, pun intended. Keep in mind that you should pick one of the colors to have more presence. Also, besides the protagonist colors you need to find a light neutralizer, which in this case a white or cream color would be a wise choice. This is a trick that if done well can turn into a treat for your eyes.

Here are some perfectly curated interiors that will hopefully loosen up the Halloween hues taboo.



Via Designgab



Via Mata Mitchell Interior Design



Via Apartment Therapy



Via My Domaine



Via Sors Luxe



Via Yatzer



Via House To Home







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