Our mission



Altogether, these jumbled up words are the first thing that comes in mind when we think about RedNoir. We strive for best quality while playing with colors, figures, shapes and materials to give our products that funky essence that is meant to create an ambiance that screams freedom. Freedom of space expression and freedom from the ordinary through our home accessories.

We pride ourselves in being hands-on every aspect of our decor production. Our materials are carefully hand-picked by our designers to satisfy our high quality standards. We then have in place strict quality control guidelines to ensure our products are catalogued no less than superb.

Services & Capabilities

Quality Guarantee: 100%

We pride ourselves in the craftsmanship of our products. Our fabrics and materials are carefully handpicked to satisfy our high quality standards that give our products a superior finish.


Flexibility: 75%

You have option to customize our designs into different products, sizes, materials and colors according to individual, commercial or residential needs. Note: Limitations apply. Customization is on a case-by-case basis and pricing may vary accordingly. For inquiries please email support@rednoir.com

Wholesale: 50%

We offer 50% off retail price to wholesale buyers. For further information on wholesale logistics, please contact us at support@rednoir.com

Industry Discounts: 20%

Exclusive pricing of up to 20% off to trade professionals including interior designers, architects, home developers and professionals in the hospitality industries. More information to activate your discount.

Meet our team

  • Monica Arellano

    Principal/Head Designer

    The entertainment and design worlds have always a passion of mine. I started my career in the music business working with the GRAMMYs for 5 amazing years and then decided to take a leap and follow my dream of becoming a designer and voilà... To me Rednoir is a vibe, a mode of living, space travel. It's Art.  
  • Lulu

    Quality Control Master

    I am honored to be part of Rednoir's quality control process for textiles. I am a bit obsessed with soft and fine materials which have to be perfectly crafted to live up to Renoir's concept. I will accept nothing less!
    • T:Woof!
  • Stephannie Benhamu

    Blogger / Design Collaborator

    Attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for her BFA. "My paintings deal with illogical spaces and the viewers ability to navigate them however they choose. As a photographer, I mostly shoot isolated, secluded places...", "In my work, I like to seduce the viewer with fantastical spaces and dreamlike environments, as I am seduced by light and the night." I also dreams of one day capturing a unicorn, as they are very difficult creatures to get a hold of.