10 Epic Chair Designs You Don’t Want to Miss!

We all use them. Every Day. To eat our favorite cereal, to watch Gladiator for the 10th time, to go on that Sunday-afternoon picnic and even at our religious Thursday happy hour. We always need them and we often take them for granted.  Here are some epic chair designs your eyes must see!

1)     The Animal chair Collection: The Rhino Chair, Walrus Chair and Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera. Elegant, refined and imposing whilst being totally biological accurate in their appearance.
2)   Bae Se Hwa’s philosophy is to reach balance and harmony through the use of form and function. This Steam 11 chair is no exception to this philosophy by depicting curvaceous yet minimalistic design: a perfect balance of natural elements and geometric construction that captivates and entrances the senses.
3)    Some believe that society is becoming more alienating, and if you’re lacking in affection, perhaps the Linne Armchair by Alex Kozynets will fill the void.
4)    Sustainable, contemporary and green. This T-Shirt Chair designed by Swedish Maria Westerberg won a Green
Furniture Award.
5)    Inspired by nature, Jaehyo Lee produced this immaculately formed, intricate  Pine & Chestnut Chair that reveals a mastery of his materials and a winking, sophisticated wit.

6)    Composed of light-weight epoxy, this Cellular chair by danish-born, designer mathias bengtsson not only adopts the appearance of an organic form but is actually designed based on the growth principles of human bones.

7)    The functional sculpture. Here’s a beautiful and ballsy furniture design, the AJ Double from Camiel Weijenberg and Talenia Phua Gajardo, the design duo known as MAKEMEI.

8)    This piece never gets old. The Ekstrem chair was designed back in 1972 by Norwegian furniture designer Terje Ekstrøm. He wished to design a super-ergonomic chair that would properly support the body. It was in the eighties that the chair finally broke through and became a postmodern design icon for its industrial aesthetic appeal.
 9)    The main idea behind Philipp Aduatz’ Spoon Chair is to bring the beauty of a bent-back leaf into an object by modifying the principle of the cantilever to support its own and aperson’s weight.


10)    The MT Solid Rocker by Ron Arad. His constant experimentation with the possibilities of materials such as steel, aluminium or polyamide and his radical re-conception of the form and structure of furniture has put him at the forefront of contemporary design and architecture.






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